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Legacy of St. Sixtus Abbey’s Beloved Trappist Beer

Bordering France and situated near the North Sea somewhat near Belgium’s northwest border can be found the town of Vleteren, inside of which situates the abbey St. Sixtus, earning recent fame for a surge of tourism based on certain appreciation of what the monks have to show for their labors. Cast into the lot of self-sufficient

It’s summertime and the living is easy out of the hot kitchen

It’s summertime and nobody wants to be stuck in the kitchen, especially a hot kitchen! So take a cue from these quickie ideas and enjoy them without all the fuss and bother in the kitchen. Leftovers Salad Got a bit of leftover grilled chicken? How about cold cuts like ham, turkey and anything else that

Did you find the TV license phone number?

Remember the time when, once your TV license expired, you would be frantically looking for a phone number on which you could call to obtain a TV license? Well, of course you do – you just did it the other day perhaps. That is something which is quite likely to change in the near future,