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There Be Monsters

Mack is on the verge of going into a total information-blackout: no more movies, TV, internet, newspaper, etc. Of course it’s just a fantasy. Information is the sea in which we swim. You can’t avoid it. Open your computer and there it is. But as a parent you become so vulnerable. And Mack can’t help

An Atheist Teaches Religion

Suddenly, I am in charge of my daughter’s Christian education. As a parent, I find myself doing a lot of things I’d never imagined myself doing. The latest is tackling my 6-year-old’s Christian education. As an atheist from an atheist family, it’s not exactly a natural fit. But I’m a believer in the power of

Twinkie to Make Comeback to the Market along with other Popular Brands

After temporarily coming off the consumer market after Hostess Brands filed for bankruptcy late last year, Twinkies are making a comeback. Soon the popular snack cake will be back on store shelves under new ownership. Hostess Brands and worker unions had gone head-to-head last year and were unable to come to a working agreement. Workers

Eggs a Guide to Hard Boiling

Many people do not know how to properly boil eggs, settling for a final product that does not even do the chicken justice. In this article you will discover three of the crucial intricacies behind egg boiling and how to create hard boiled eggs that truly are a masterpiece rather than a routine meal. 1.

Homeade Corn Tortillas and uses

Homemade corn tortillas are amazing in comparison to the already made ones in the grocery store. The corn tortilla dough is simple to make, and can save lots of money. Leftover corn tortillas can be used to make homemade corn chips as well. Corn tortillas require a special corn meal called masa harina, also called

Persian Eggplant Omelet Recipe

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Though you’ve all heard this phrase how many of you actually know what it means? As a child, this writer was fortunate enough to learn the real meaning of this phrase cooking breakfast alongside my grandmother every morning. Having been raised in Iran, her grandmother brought with her many of

Bacon Green Pepper and Tomato Cheese Spread

Bacon, Green Pepper & Tomato Spread is terrific and may be used in a variety of ways! This cheese spread is a great party dip, sandwich filling and it makes a delicious filling for a savory cheese omelet! -Bacon, Green Pepper & Tomato Cheese Spread Ingredients: 8 oz. softened cream cheese 1/2 tsp. milk 1

Homemade Pizza Balls Recipe

Pizza balls make an excellent appetizer, or even a main dish with a salad. The simple small size makes it easy to portion control. The individual balls can be filled with everyone’s favorite toppings, so that there’s no fighting over what kind of pizza to make. This recipe may seem complicated, but it’s simple to

A Spanish Omelet is almost a Robust Meal in itself

A Spanish omelet – or tortilla – is a considerably more robust and substantial creation than the light and fluffy French style omelets. The drawback of this is that they take considerably longer to cook than their French counterparts but the results more than justify the extra time and effort. While the principal ingredients of

Soft and Chewy Oatmeal Cookies Rolled Oats Honey Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Soft and Chewy Oatmeal Cookies These soft and chewy oatmeal cookies have a wonderful flavor and uniform color; made with honey, and baked in a slow oven they win compliments every time. Soft and chewy oatmeal cookies like these will help satisfy a craving for chocolate as well as the need for a good old-fashioned